There is Power in Simplicity

Aloha & Hello

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Virgil. I do web design and I do it well. I don’t do fluff. I don’t show off fancy Ferraris and expensive mansions. Heck, I'm not even sexy.

What I do:

But what I’m good at is turning your website into something magical. Thus I created my own unique formula of constructing or deconstructing my client's websites. My formula is the VEE blueprint. The letter V stands for VISUAL. E stands for Emotional. The last E stands for Effectiveness.
Is your website visually appealing? Does it pass the eye test? Is it easy to read and navigate?  It's either YES or NO.
Does your website incite an emotional response? Does it have content that your visitors that are considered relevant? Does it speak to your audience in an authentic and human way possible?  It's either YES or NO.
Lastly, does your website take your visitors onto a journey that leads to a sale? What's your sales process - real life and online? What's your guaranteed impact of doing business with you? This last one is E for Effectiveness. If your website doesn’t sell you or your brand the way you want it to then sorry your website just isn’t Effective enough.

In a nutshell:

  • I create websites that work. A website with the VEE formula applied to construction and design.
  • I optimize the flow of your website to make you more sellable and relatable to your visitors. That's called copywriting.
  • I help optimize your About page, include social proof, and most importantly, I supercharge your offers and make it irresistible. Have you asked yourself exactly what are you selling online?
  • Lastly, I find other hidden nuggets in your website in which you can turn the mundane into money. Yes, turn mundane into money!

My Secret Sauce

My way of doing things didn’t happen overnight. No, actually it took over decades of sitting at a coffee shop hours and hours figuring out things. I slave away at the keyboard like no one else. I guess I like to find out how things work, see if I can create what works and possibly go out there and produce the same exact blueprint as some of the many other digital marketers out there.
So my super powers are knowing the intricacies of web design, digital marketing and copywriting more than the 99% of the living population out there. I can take your website and turn it the way you want to be by applying my three Principles to good web design and digital marketing which is VEE - V for Visually appealing, E for Emotionally enticing and E for Effectively selling and promoting your brand.

My Ideal Client

I believe my skill, knowledge, and experience in helping my customers is valuable and I don’t allow anyone to take it lightly. Therefore, my idea client is someone who wants to build an awesome website that sells and helps to promote his or her brand. I into big things and I want clients who think big and want to make positive changes in the world. It's not all about money. It's about doing things and getting to where you want to go. I want clients that I can grow with and be friends and partners with. And just so happens they pay me and reward me for what I’m worth. Thats because I want them to succeed as much as I do.
Clients that are lazy, ignorant and closed minded to new and better ways of doing things please stay away. Building a successful venture takes too much of my time, energy and money to deal with those that don’t want to succeed and get to where they want to go.
I’m looking for those that want to build a successful business and brand online. It's that simple.

How can I help you?

If you need a website that is built on the VEE formula which I specified above then I’m your guy.
If you need to have me look over your website and give you hidden nuggets and ways to improve it - then I’m your guy.
If you want a tie in social media, email list building and other means to grow your business and increase profits? Im your guy!

My Programs:

Website Walk Through - $399/ 3 Hours
Landing Pages - $650
Simple Website - $2000
Full Blown Website - $3500 to $4500
Ecommerce - $2500
Website Features and Benefits:
  • Email List setup and opt-in form
  • Social Media integration - Facebook like a box, twitter feeds, Instagram feeds
  • Ecommerce
  • Membership sites
  • Online Training Courses
  • Lead Magnet
  • About me Page Optimization
  • Testimonial gathering system
  • Other features - booking system, online take-out order system, video blogs, etc.
Other Services:
  • Instagram marketing
  • Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Adwords campaign
  • Outbound calls and appointment setting
  • Virtual Assistant Services