Two words about conversion - simplicity sells

Aloha & Hello

My name is Virgil, founder of Veethree Marketing.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by our website. I'm deeply honored and grateful.

As the founder, my goal is not just to build beautifully designed websites. There are many web designers that can do that.

Our goal here at Veethree Marketing is to build websites that convert.

Conversion means to take visitors to your site and walk them thru a "sales" process. Just like how any salesperson would take you thru buying a car or house, I do the same thing and optimize your site for conversion.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if we apply conversion strategies into your website, you can:

  • Stand out among your peers
  • Brand yourself as the professional you are
  • Help break down barriers to sales
  • Many moreSo having a high converting  website is needed if you want to do business and make sales.

If you decide that you want to work with us.
Your return on investment will:

  • Create a beautifully designed, modern website for you
  • Simplify and "hone in" on  your messaging so that it resonates with your potential clients
  • Create effective means of online marketing strategies that will work for you and your industry

    Thats what VEE stands for. V for Visual, E more Emotional, and E for Effectiveness.

Lets Begin.


Whats Our Story?

I  started out in sales. Selling cars and life insurance. I loved the challenges that sales brings and I love helping people.

One day, an old friend who I trained in the sales of insurance came to me for help. He needed a website built for his wife's business. They just moved to Florida and started a business. They were in need of help because they didn't sell anything for 3 months and was contemplating giving it all up.

I ended up building a website for them. I even created a 5 minute video about their business and what they do.

That first week, they made two sales. And in that very  first month of launching their website, they finally made money and broke even.

After many years they have expanded their business and is now thinking of franchising. They hired employees, tripled their inventory, and are making orders almost daily all because of their website, selling their services 24/7.

Their business is Ugo Mobility. Their website is at

That video on their front page of their website is like the goose that keeps laying the golden egg. It keeps bringing in business over and over - without having them to do the heavy lifting of sales.

I'm  confident that I can do for you as well.

My background is really sales. But I now apply it to into the my web design and digital marketing business.